In Honor of My Teacher

The star shining in our lives,
Our knight in shining armor,
You, our mentor,
You who is everywhere
And a part of everything,
Your trip has been long and hard,
Now you are gone from our world
But not from our hearts,
You will always be a part of our memories
and our lives,
You lit up our lives
With your car and love,
Good bye my teacher,
Good bye my friend,
You were there in the clubs, in the shows, in the school,
But most important you were and will always be in our hearts,
You taught us through your care and love,
we love you Mr. Eretto,
And we will never forget you.

Claudia Lee
Class of 1995


  1. […]  I posted a poem that Claudia Lee a former student of my Dad’s wrote. The poem is called, In Honor of My Teacher. We used to have this HUGE plaque in our house with a sketch of my Dad and then this poem and […]

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