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A Song for My Dad…

One of my Dad's former students, Ryan Berkowitz, reached out to me several months ago to help provide something for my project. She is a songwriter and wrote a song about my dad. She is hoping to use it in an upcoming musical about teaching and teachers. I can't wait to see how that comes out. I believe it'll be a great musical but then again I am my fathers daughter and LOVE musical theatre. Here is a youtube video of her singing the song:   Here are the lyrics: Whenever I … [Read More...]

Blue Feeling

By: Stephanie Eretto Blue is the feeling I had inside the day my father died. I miss the times he called me little fish. I miss the times he kissed me and never would miss. Then one day he wasn't home. There was a message on the machine saying my dad was in pain. Now I live with this blue feeling inside like the day my father died. … [Read More...]

Farewell to a Colleague

by Frederick E. Johnson Sal, Sal where are you? Can't you hear our call? Your office is open, there is your chair. Youro ld shoes are in the corner (the ones that allowed your toes to breathe). Your book is still open and your coat is on the hook. Come on Sal we're looking for you. Sal, Sal stop playing. Come out, come out wherever you are! The students thirst knowledge - Biology from you. The kids want to perform: act, sing, and dance. The seniors have a trip; oh and don't forget … [Read More...]

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