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Song about My Dad

One of my Dad's former students, Ryan Berkowitz, reached out to me several months ago to help provide something for my project. She is a songwriter and wrote a song about my dad. She is hoping to use it in an upcoming musical about teaching and teachers. I can't wait to see how that comes out. I believe it'll be a great musical but then again I am my fathers daughter and LOVE musical theatre. Here is a youtube video of her singing the song:   Here are the lyrics: Whenever I … [Read More...]

Holiday Memories

This is a reflection about the holidays that my sister, Stephanie Eretto (daughter to Sal Eretto) wrote recently. This time of year always reminds me of family that I have lost, and how the holidays use to be when they were around. I can remember going to my Grandma Eretto's house and having a four course meal beginning with her famous chicken noodle soup and ending with delicious italian cookies and coffee, as I sat at the table in my special spot right next to grandma and grandpa I would … [Read More...]

Dear Dad

Dear Dad, Has all this time really past? I know it has been a long time since we talked but I wanted to say hi. Can I have your email address, facebook, twitter account? You were always hip are you on snapchat? How about Instagram surely God has kept up with technology. What is it like up there? Do you eat dim sum on the weekends? Do you see someone you know everywhere you go? Do you get in trouble for singing in the halls and banging on the pipes? Do you end the year with a big cross heaven … [Read More...]

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