Letter to My Dad

Written by Stephanie Eretto in 2000 (youngest daughter to Sal)

My Dad died 6 years ago on April 26, 1994. 1 month before my sister’s 1st Holy Communion.& 2 months before my kindergarten graduation.  I remember that day by heart. The last time I saw my dad was in the morning. At night is when I found out and me, my mom and sister started to burst out in tears then I go this weird feeling. That I should be happy instead of sad because my dad went up to heaven and we should be celebrating instead of being sad because he was saved. Even though they say his soul left I could still feel it in the house over the house in my  room in my sisters room and in my moms room. I like to think of him as the house. Because when he was alive he was the man of the house and he sheltered us with his love  joy, caring and smile. He was the bravest, the most caring and most of loving person  I ever met and he still is. Everyday I can feel his soul all around me and his shelter to protect me. This is all I need to get through my life with out him actually walking on earth as a person.

*Edit: This was a letter my sister wrote that we found and it had no title*


  1. I don’t think I ever saw this letter before. Very well done. Thanks Steph for growing up to be so kindhearted! Love you!

  2. There was another letter I just read from maybe a year or two ago but now I lost it again


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