Dear Dad

Dear Dad,

Has all this time really past? I know it has been a long time since we talked but I wanted to say hi. Can I have your email address, facebook, twitter account? You were always hip are you on snapchat? How about Instagram surely God has kept up with technology. What is it like up there? Do you eat dim sum on the weekends? Do you see someone you know everywhere you go? Do you get in trouble for singing in the halls and banging on the pipes? Do you end the year with a big cross heaven trip to visit other cultures and explore their traditions? Are you driving Grandma and Grandpa Crazy yet? How are they? Can you see us from up there?

I suppose you may have some questions for me. First off I want you to know we all think of you, my personal memories are few but I hold on to them and I hope never to lose them. The WHOLE family keeps your memory alive and I’m so grateful they share their stories with me. Its how I’ve gotten to know you over the years. As a 5-year-old, I thought you would come back maybe, I had a dream or two about you. In my later years, I came to terms with it, but it was hard.

Have you been watching us while you’re up there? Mom received her bachelor’s degree in education and went on to receive a masters degree in Parish Ministries. She has been a rock through this whole thing. You chose well when you picked my mother as your wife. Beth is well educated too! She has a bachelors in Business and is the best bookkeeper any company could ask for! You would be so proud of them.

Me well no College education but I worked hard working with pre-k children and I work for the department of children and families now helping out the community! Honestly, even though my job may not be as big as others, it has a great reward, I love it, the fact that I am here to help others is the most important thing to me! I want to touch as many hearts as I can, even if that is just a friendly smile. I often think to myself when I feel like, what am I doing with my life….. you know that old negative feeling. I remember sometimes where you are in life is not for you it’s for someone else.

Sometimes when you feel you’re not doing anything in life, you are actually helping someone else. A friend I made out here in Florida was diagnosed with a disorder and confided in me about it. She once said to me “I feel so stuck like I’m not doing anything in life, there is no fulfillment,” she wanted more. I said to her “sometimes it’s not about what you are doing in life but who you are communicating with that matters. For example, if you hadn’t been here for us to meet I would have never been inspired to talk to my doctor and find out what was wrong with me. Now I am in a much better space and I have more understanding of what happens to me.” All because she was in the right place at the right time!

I want to be a supportive rock and mentor just like you and mom the two people who brought me into this world are my role models. Mom is so kind, she would give the shirt off her back for people. Her generosity and empathy are beautiful. I wish you could still see it.

Four years ago I got married to my best friend, he lights up my world and I think you would have liked him, although he is not much of a coffee drinker so he would have asked you for a cup of black tea instead of black coffee. I wish you could meet him I bet you would talk for hours. Beth got married too, she was married last year and just celebrated the first year of marriage. He is a nice guy and they love each other so much!

Mom never remarried I think it was too hard while raising Beth and me. She still thinks of you all the time especially now. Our family is struggling we have been hurt in many different ways. It has been hard to keep it together. In the end, I know it will all work out. If you can daddy send us some help we can really use it. I love you very much and will always miss you.



  1. Here is the letter I thought I was responding to! Well done … I don’t think I saw this whe it was written!

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