A Song for My Dad…

One of my Dad’s former students, Ryan Berkowitz, reached out to me several months ago to help provide something for my project. She is a songwriter and wrote a song about my dad. She is hoping to use it in an upcoming musical about teaching and teachers. I can’t wait to see how that comes out. I believe it’ll be a great musical but then again I am my fathers daughter and LOVE musical theatre.

Here is a youtube video of her singing the song:


Here are the lyrics:

Whenever I Raise My Hand


There’s a man on a stool, clever and cool,

Clarifying each rule, whenever I raise my hand.

There’s a man on a thrown, he is wise he has shown me,

How to chart the unknown, whenever I raise my hand.



Raise it high! To the sky! Raise it long! Raise it strong.



There’s a man on a quest and he says he will not rest,

Till we do our best, whenever we raise our hands.

There’s a man by a board, his chalk a mighty sword,

Tellin’ us to strike a chord whenever we raise our hands.


Extended Chorus:

Raise ’em one more time! To the sunshine!

Raise ’em far, to a star.

Follow his, borrow his, motto tomorrow is,

Not too far away girls and boys.



There’s a man in a storm, out of breath and warm,

He bends his tired form, whenever I raise my hand.

There’s a man who is feigning, there’s a man who is waning,

Am I draining him whenever I raise my hand?



Run and help the man, with the lesson plan.

Listen for when he calls, catch him before he falls.



With one foot in the crowd, this man is in a cloud; he pushes far too much, to reach people he can’t touch. He is hard on his heart, he’s supposed to be so smart.



Where’s the man on the chair, with knowledge to spare?

It echoes down the stair, whenever I raise my hand.

Where’s the man upon that seat, behind the desk in his bare feet?

Our eyes will always meet, whenever I raise my hand.


Extended Chorus:

Where’s that man? Where’d he go? Tell me if you can? Do you know?

Follow his, borrow his, motto tomorrow is, not too far away girls and boys.


(words & music by Ryan Berkowitz / copyright – 2014)

Blue Feeling

By: Stephanie Eretto

Blue is the feeling I had inside
the day my father died.
I miss the times he called me little fish.
I miss the times he kissed me and never would miss.
Then one day he wasn’t home.
There was a message on the machine
saying my dad was in pain.
Now I live with this blue feeling inside
like the day my father died.

Farewell to a Colleague

by Frederick E. Johnson

Sal, Sal where are you? Can’t you hear our call?
Your office is open, there is your chair.
Youro ld shoes are in the corner
(the ones that allowed your toes to breathe).
Your book is still open and your coat is on the hook.
Come on Sal we’re looking for you.

Sal, Sal stop playing. Come out, come out wherever you are!
The students thirst knowledge – Biology from you.
The kids want to perform: act, sing, and dance.
The seniors have a trip; oh and don’t forget graduation.
A group expects to go to Europe again this summer.
You do so much, we need you.

Sal, oh Sal. You heard the ultimate call.
You had no choice but to leave
Your bag was packed to overflowing with love,
You leave us with only memories
Thank you for the times spent.
You met your Easter. “Alleluia”, isn’t that your song?

In Honor of My Teacher

The star shining in our lives,
Our knight in shining armor,
You, our mentor,
You who is everywhere
And a part of everything,
Your trip has been long and hard,
Now you are gone from our world
But not from our hearts,
You will always be a part of our memories
and our lives,
You lit up our lives
With your car and love,
Good bye my teacher,
Good bye my friend,
You were there in the clubs, in the shows, in the school,
But most important you were and will always be in our hearts,
You taught us through your care and love,
we love you Mr. Eretto,
And we will never forget you.

Claudia Lee
Class of 1995